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When considering Bathtub, Tile, Shower and Vanity refinishing please understand not all coatings are created equal. The truth is not all, in fact very few are even recommended for bathtub, shower and tile refinishing.

A quick look at the home improvement store will quickly steer you in the direction of the outdated, unreliable and inferior epoxy tub and tile kits. Epoxy was used up until 1998 and it was not used because it was the best option, It was used because it was the only thing that was tough enough to at least remain looking decent for several months. I know this all to well because I personally used it from 1991 until 1997 or 1998. The problems were so severe it was only used as a last ditch effort to make a bathtub look good enough for the Apartment communities to get the unit leased. It was cheap to purchase and even with remarkable prep work such as power sanding the surface, cleaning with an abrasive commercial non residue soap then etching the old surface with the very dangerous hydroflouric acid and rinsing the surface with cold water scrubbing it down with lacquer thinner (which was an excellent cleaner) drying the surface completely and using the Professional H.V.L.P. air hose to dry the surface and evaporate any humidity… then applying bulldog adhesion promoter. Which had to be applied because without it the epoxy would peel off sometimes in the first use! After all those steps were taken, Then applying Epoxy only to have it look slightly yellow, never white. See the orange peel look because it was so heavy it would run If it was thinned too much and if you did thin it enough to look good it was so thin you could see the subsurface through most of it. After all of that, to have a project you knew was going to yellow if bleach was used on it (which explained the slightly yellow tint when applied) and the frustration of knowing at best It was going to peel in 6 mos. to a year it was very frustrating to those of us that knew there was a better solution, it just had not been discovered yet. Then in 1997 Aliphatic Acrylic Urethane became the go to coating and the results were twice as good as epoxy. With hard work and skill A professional could make this product look great, and last for a good year or two before it would peel.

The Brake through came when Polyglass (polyceramic glass glaze) A.K.A. synthetic porcelain was introduced in 2003. We were making drastic improvements! Looked great, dried quick so dust would not stick to the surface and by 2005-2006 the 2nd Generation synthetic porcelain was allowing the refinishing professional to produce refinishing results they could be proud of. After that the third Generation was introduced. I was in love! This coating was specifically for Tub, Tile and Vanity refinishing. It worked with a synergistic process of etching without dangerous acids. Molecular bonding agents made for the bathtub refinishing Industry were part of the process and were costly. $289/quart and there was no dilution. However, it was hand rubbed into the pores and scratches achieved through etching and this meant we were able to integrate the new surface into, not paint it on top of the old surface. With this came a permanent solution to worn, damaged, out dated or just ugly bathtubs, tile, showers and bath vanities. The best part is the synthetic porcelain is customized for the individual job. If the surface was ceramic or porcelain liquid glass could be added to make the ultra hard, high gloss finish and it fiberglass or acrylic was being refinished then adding the Fiberglass resin allowed the new surface to melt into and chemically weld to the old surface.

Professional bathtub refinishing is no longer a quick fix and a temporary solution. Bathtub, Tile, Shower and Vanity refinishing is now a permanent long term solution with no peeling and no loss of gloss expected to last 20+ years before the gloss fades and refinishing is needed again.

This is the system I use! I will earn your business and your referral to friends and family.

Bathtub Refinishing Dallas

Bathtub Refinishing Dallas Prices