Tile Refinishing Dallas

Tile can be repaired and refinished

If you have ever had grout or caulking come loose on your shower then you have probably had a piece of tile fall off or come loose.media_KkuCFN_8a214f06c3ac2c144c89b9b525794bea

The wall behind the tub was still solid, I treated the wall with a combination of Microban hospital disinfectant and a pure form of hydrogen peroxide that kills mold and mildew.

I then cleaned up the tile and soap dish and reattached it using a two part marine grade epoxy glue. The final step was getting everything locked in and sealed up which was accomplished by refinishing the tile surrounding the bathtub. You can see the video here.


What is used to Paint A Bathtub or Tile

Is painting a bathtub that hard? Do professionals use the same epoxy kits?

There are so many questions and very few answers when It comes to bathtub and Tile Refinishing. I have professionally completed hundreds of bathtub and tile refinishing in Dallas Texas over the last 25 years. The coating of choice has changed during that time as technology has improved.

The honest truth is there are still many people that simply paint bathtubs. That was what they were taught to do throughout the 1990’s and I have learned that a lot of people want to blame other situations for any problem. Epoxy paint will look pretty good when it is first applied. Although it will have an orange peel look which is why some people will say it looks “Painted”. Then when the resident cleans the tub with any product that contains bleach it will yellow. The end result is It will peel. Most of the times sooner rather than later but it will peel. Why? Because it is painted on top of the old surface. That old surface is baked hard and slick as glass, when we are talking about porcelain bathtubs and tile.

There are a Handful of bathtub and tile refinishing professionals in the Dallas area that will complete the refinishing job correctly and complete it without using Epoxy. The process I use is a synergistic one that combines a chemical rinse to remove oils and residue we may not even see with the naked eye. Then I use an etching stone on a mechanical tool that gently etches the hardened glaze at 1500 revolutions per minute. I will then use a lint free rag to clean everything with a deglossing and cleaning agent. This part is nothing special and this chemical is available from any home improvement store (I mention this because I want honesty and transparency) I am not trying to make anyone think I use a miracle product that no one else on earth has the Ability to purchase. I am saying the opposite, why am I still seeing this inferior epoxy paint used? My only guess would be it is cheap. Epoxy can be purchased for about $60/gallon. Lets just round that up and say $100 per Gallon. Then it is thinned with lacquer thinner at $17/gallon. The epoxy kits are so full of lacquer thinner they run (this is why they are called self leveling). I guess self leveling is a synonym for diluted down, inferior product in some alternate universe! Speaking of synonyms the word refinishing, well look at why these kits are able to use that as a marketing term(below).


So painting is technically refinishing. Although any of the legitimate bathtub refinishing professionals would argue this and say no not when it comes to what we call refinishing. We are taking steps to integrate the new surface into the old, not painted on top of the old! We are spending hours preparing a surface by etching, then using molecular bonding agents so the new surface penetrates the old surface and is chemically welded into that old surface. The new surface that I use is polyceramic glass glaze (A.K.A. Synthetic Porcelain). This is a professional coating that is part of the synergistic process to make sure your bathtub and Tile finish will last an expected 20+ years if cleaned properly. When I say cleaned properly I mean not cleaned with a heavy abrasive such as comet or sos. Scrubbing bubbles is an excellent cleaning agent and will clean and sanitize without stripping away the glaze and this is great advice for new tubs and tile also. I would say that over 90% of the refinishing needed is because of improper cleaning that wears away the glaze and damages the surface a tiny bit at a time that will appear as dirt, then the resident will scrub more and more thinking they are scrubbing away the dirt but actually causing more and more abrasions.

Bathtub Refinishing Dallas


Bathtub Refinishing DallasTX

Bathtub Refinishing is a far cry from bathtub painting.

In short when bathtubs, tile and showers are painted using epoxy paint kits the failure rate is going to be 100%. It may last 1 use, it may last 6 months but one thing is for sure it is going to 100% fail.

Bathtub Refinishing is the process of using a synergistic approach combining chemical cleaning, etching, molecular bonding agents and synthetic porcelain to achieve a permanent fixed solution. Not a temporary patch.


Tile Refinishing Seals Grout

When Tile is properly refinished, not simply painted. You can expect an outcome that is gorgeous and will last for years upon years. The unique property of synthetic porcelain is the fact that it is customized to the specific job at hand. For Example, Floor tile needs to be slip resistant, very tough and smooth so cleaning is simplified.

When we stop and think of what abuse a floor takes on a daily basis we began to realize how tough and durable it must really be. When a bathtub is used it is stepped in barefoot and although it does endure some harsh products from soaps to hair products, hot water and cleaning solutions. It is minor in comparison to what a tile floor endures. Shoes, which could be anything from slippers to cowboy boots, high heeled shoes, dress shoes, cleats and then us clueless husbands that like to mow the yard in our golf shoes and we finish up on that lush green grass… still thinking of our labor that has earned us the yard of the week (at least in our minds) and we walk into the bathroom to wash our hands and clean up only to very vaguely hear our wife yelling “get those shoes off my floor”. I mean… it happened to a friend of mine!

So how much will this cost you? That is a great question! Please take a minute to see my Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Prices.